Cooking Classes

DURATION: 2 or 3 hours, Once Off


Our Gecko kitchen is certainly the place to come to if you’re wanting to learn more about cooking!

Our easy interactive classes will arm you with specific new skills.

Bring along your friends for something different to do.

You can book a class as your very own Private Event for 12 or more people!

Everyone is welcome and we are sensitive to cultural and dietary preferences where possible.


What classes do we offer?

"How To"

Once Off "How To" Classes

These classes run from time to time. Scroll through our Calendar for dates, times, menus and prices and you can Book and Pay from there >>

Nothing smells as wonderful as the dough you have lovingly prepared, baking in your oven!
Once you learn a few basic techniques, making your own bread is actually quite easy. Nothing compares with tearing into a crusty, freshly-baked loaf! Homemade bread is way tastier than store-bought bread, has zero preservatives, is inexpensive to make, and … we show you our quick and easy methods to speed up the whole process. Learn the correct way to knead dough and make your own free-form Loaves and Rolls to take home… so bring containers!

Freshly made pasta is completely different to anything store bought so we teach you how ... with or without a pasta machine. ! 

Master the art of making fresh pasta which is actually quicker than you think. Join us for a completely interactive lesson to make many different varieties and of course, fragrant Italian sauces too.
Don’t forget…. we always make dessert!

Dim Sum, is a charming custom originating in Chinese tea houses and literally means “to touch your heart”.

We show you easy ways to make so many varieties. Thai and Vietnamese inspired recipes with loads of different fillings. How to make and prepare dough and pastry for Potstickers, Dumplings and Wontons as well as the different cooking methods: Boiling, Steaming and Deep Frying!

Weber Grill Academy

Weber Grill Academy Classes

These classes run from time to time. Scroll through our Calendar for dates, times, menus and prices and you can Book and Pay from there >>

Master the art of the braai with our hands-on lessons, where each class features something completely different! 

Our classes are for everyone. Join our hands-on, informative and fun monthly class. Make everything from scratch.

GOURMET BRAAI - All about gourmet food on the braai.

AMERICAN STYLE BARBEQUE - homemade patties and buns and much more.

MEN BEHAVING BADLY - more delicious recipes.

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN - not just for the girls.

OCEANS ON FIRE - heavenly seafood on the braai.

See our WEBER GRILL ACADEMY PAGE for more details




Speciality Classes


These classes run from time to time. Scroll through our Calendar for dates, times, menus and prices and you can Book and Pay from there >>

Vietnamese and Thai flavours made with local ingredients!

Compared to Western food, ingredients used in Asian food create flavours that are intense, subtle, deep and contrasting all at the same time and all in harmony. Meat is used sparingly whilst vegetables, legumes, sprouts, nuts and herbs create taste and texture surprises.
Understanding how to combine and balance flavours is an important cooking concept in Asian food.  In these lessons you will learn how to balance and enhance flavours with easy recipes and Chef Jesse's vast knowledge.

A complete world of taste!

Using the whole palette of flavours, spicy, sour, sweet and hot all at the same time with exotic ingredients and magical spices. Indian cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating.
Not all Indian dishes are curries, but "curry" is what we call any spice-based dish with a sauce. Curries can be watery, dry, red, green, hot or really really hot - it's up to you to make every bite count.

Mozambique cuisine is deeply influenced by Portugal and so has intensely flavourful dishes!

Peri peri which means "spicy-spicy" accompanies all meals. It is one of the most characteristics flavours of the cuisine. Made by pounding red chillies, garlic, salt, olive oil and lemon juice together, we have our incredible version to share with you.

Ole! If you want to kick back with a pitcher of magaritas and good amigos, then a Mexican Fiesta Party theme is the way to go!

More than just a celebration a Fiesta affirms the belief that communities are alive with promise. "Neighbourhood, easy to make street food" you can prepare long before guests arrive. Great for those picky eaters, a Fiesta is a spread of a variety of dishes and accompaniments.

Your Private Event


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You can book any of our classes, including those on the Weber, as a private event for you and your family and friends!

We need about twelve or more people, but can quote for less too.
Just add our facilitation fee to the class price and we will do the rest.
BYO welcome.

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