Interpersonal Group Assessments

Invest in your organisation’s most critical assets – your people – and yield positive returns in the long run.

Take your team out of their comfort zone and run your interpersonal assessment program in our kitchen!

Activities are challenging and fun so candidates forget they are being monitored, and tend not to manipulate their behaviour.

Together with your human resources department, training consultant or psychologist, we will design specific culinary based activities for effective assessments suitable for all staff levels.


Get creative with your human resources!

With the goal of optimal productivity and efficiency in the workplace, our culinary activities may be applied to assessing your teams' interpersonal behaviour and training needs:

  • How individual personalities and attitudes impact on their teams, organisational culture, decision making, productivity, creativity, etc.
  • Inventory the company's management talent and potential in order to assess readiness for promotion.
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses to identify high-potential individuals for development opportunities.
  • Guage candidates abilities to work independently, fit into a group, manage conflict and whether someone’s behavioral problems can be solved.

Consideration may, for instance, be given to:

– How personalities and attitudes impact teams
– Rising to challenges and managing change
– Attitude towards organisational culture
– Reactions to decision making
– Gaining and giving trust
– Work ethic and integrity
– Breakdown in communication

– Managing workplace conflicts
– Readiness for promotion
– Stimulating creativity
– Practical leadership
– Negotiation skills
– Customer service
– Training needs

Benefits of Individual & Team Assessments

One of the biggest challenges for management (and colleugues) is dealing with many unique individuals within the workplace and to align different value systems, beliefs and behaviour into one common goal.

Employees behaviour and interaction with one another plays a determining role in the fate of a company, from the risks it takes to the revenues it makes. The two main areas that many struggle with are conflict and challenge. For the modern corporation to be effective, behaviour needs to be an explicit area of focus.

Take your team out of their comfort zone to run your interpersonal assessment programs in our kitchen, where candidates forget they are being monitored, and tend not to manipulate their behaviour, which is key to authentic outcomes.

Who should attend?
All staff categories / levels of staff grouped together or team leaders / sales staff / managers with their teams or individuals.
Usually, one day is sufficient.
Number of Delegates:
We comfortably accommodate up to 50 people divided into teams. Each team should have an assessor at the work table.
Needs will differ according to company requirements. Pricing takes into consideration set up for the event, our facilitating chef, venue hire with bottomless tea and coffee, kitchen/cleaning/wash up staff, and a pantry of the highest quality ingredients.

What's next?

What's next?

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