Weber Grill Academy

Proudly associated with Weber, our Grill Academy classes are hands-on lessons which set the men apart from the boys; but who says the braai is just for the guys? The girls are welcome too!

Master the art of the braai and learn to use your braai correctly and efficiently with our hands-on lessons. We present varied and easy methods for beginners or to add to your repertoire. Each class will explain in detail the Weber braai basics of direct and indirect cooking methods and the various heat sources (briquettes, charcoal and wood).

Join a monthly class, or book your own group of 12 or more people.
We do team building event on our Weber braais too!


What's classes do we offer?

What's classes do we offer?

On the menu!

On the menu!

Book for one of the upcoming events below and have some fun!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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